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Group Ministry

At Crossroads Church of Aspen, we understand the importance of connecting with others in order to create a thriving community. We offer a wide range of group ministries, including bible studies, youth groups, and volunteer opportunities, to help everyone get involved and find their place in our spiritual family. Our goal is to provide a space for learning and growth, where members are encouraged to ask questions, share their stories and provide support to one another.

Discipleship Groups 

There is a big difference between meeting Jesus personally and just hearing about Him.  Being a Christian is about following Jesus and learning to be like Him and live like Him.


Discipleship is the process of learning how to follow Jesus and experience the promises of God found in the Bible. Practically, it is being a part of either a men’s or women’s small group of 3-5, where a leader takes the group on a relational process of learning to walk and obey Jesus to experience the abundant purposeful life He calls us to. 


The initial tool used to get the discipleship process going will be

“The Heart of Discipleship Book.” 


If you are interested in being a part of a discipleship group please contact the church or one of our leaders. If you have any questions please contact Steve Woodrow at

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Membership &
Healthy Church

At Crossroads Church Aspen, church membership should lead to discipleship and leadership. It is our desire that everyone who attends Crossroads would move from being an occasional attender to a member of our core church family. 

Click here to visit our healthy church website that takes you deeper in our church.

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