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Global Missions at Crossroads

Transforming Lives & Impacting Nations

At Crossroads, we believe in the power of missions to change lives and communities around the world. Our Global Missions initiative is driven by a passion to share the love of Christ and make a positive impact on a global scale.

By partnering with missionaries, organizations, and communities worldwide, we are a part of God's mission to transform lives and impact nations. 

We meet monthly to pray and discuss different mission opportunities with our church. Reach out to Trinity Terry for more information. 

Check out these testimonies from Greg Livingstone

Widely recognized as one of the greatest mobilizers of global workers to the Muslim world, Greg was influential in founding Operation Mobilization and Frontiers, and served as North American Director of North Africa Mission. The Livingstones have facilitated the placement of 1400 long term global workers serving in 40 countries, and have themselves spent 50 years among Muslims of India, the Arab World, Europe, North America and Malaysia. Greg and Sally met at Wheaton College, and have three sons and seven grandchildren. Their amazing life story is published in You’ve Got Libya. Now based in Los Angeles, Greg is back to his favorite endeavor for Christ’s Kingdom: recruiting leaders and team members for new church-planting teams “where there is no church”.

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