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Talking With God

How did you learn to talk with God? A child primarily learns how to talk by listening to adults who are more mature. Many have been born-again into a relationship with Jesus but never have developed their communication with Him. How did you learn to enjoy God’s presence? We primarily enjoy being with those that we have intimate communication with. For many people, if they were honest, enjoying God was a contradiction in their minds and hearts rather than an exciting promise to be pursued. In this new 2019 Winter Series we will be exploring the gracious access we have as followers of Christ into the very presence of God. We will learn to pray together and enjoy His presence together as His Church!

Praying for prodigals

6.16.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve addressed the prodigal problem we have in attending Church, but not being part of the Father’s household.

What are you lacking?

6.9.2019 | Brian matthew

This week Brian looked at the Lord as our shepherd, and how we can do greater things than even Jesus did with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Praying for Power (God’s Bucket List)

6.2.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve talked about what it means to be a Friday and Sunday Christian and how to learn to pray for power.

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