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How to live in prosperity in a suffering world

Do you believe you were made to prosper? What makes you feel prosperous? Is it financial security, physical security, good health, good relationships, being in control, lack of stress, or plenty of vacation time? Many people have a hard time answering these questions because they have never really stopped to consider what prosperity is and what a truly prosperous life looks and feels like. We must learn how to process big life questions like: Does God have good things for us and how do we see evil and suffering? For this series we will be journeying through the book of Job. Also, Steve’s new book How to Live in Prosperity in a Suffering World will be a resource.

Getting Naked Before God

7.7.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve continued the Job series exploring how Job was so confident in his standing before God and how that was key in his perseverance through intense trials and how he came through with greater faith and greater favor.

Jim Daly, President Focus on the Family

6.30.2019 | Jim Daly

This week Jim Daly President of Focus on the Family spoke on brokenness and the power of God to overcome any obstacle in our lives.

Freedom from a spirit of poverty & religion

6.23.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve kicked off a new series and did an introduction to the book of Job and explored some big questions like; Were we made to prosper and How can we be right with God?

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