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Man Camp

Man Camp

Man Camp is a gathering of fathers and sons for a weekend experience.  During the weekend, the goal is to sharpen our character and skills as men.  We are passing on the character that is rooted in the definition of man as M. (Motivated), A.(Accountable), and N. (Noble).

Man Camp has the goal of gathering fathers and sons of Crossroads Church of Aspen into a community where there is support and accountability in how we lead our families as men.  


Man Camp goes beyond the weekend experience with gatherings for fathers and sons to continue the journey throughout the year.  We are creating a network of families that do life together with the same mindset to follow God and lead out of our relationship with God.  

What happens at MC Weekend


Raising a son…

Fathers and sons gear up and experience a weekend of camping and community.  The weekend experience has focused teaching on the acronym MAN, which


breaks down as follows:





During the weekend, fathers and sons have the opportunity to learn about gun safety, archery safety, and knife safety.

Man camp has a long history of fun competition.  

As the boys become familiar with shooting both 22 rifles and compound bows.  The weekend ramps up on Saturday afternoon with competition shooting on both the rifle and the bow.  

Knife safety is taught throughout the weekend. Fathers are encouraged to present knives to their boys at Man Camp.  For many, this is their very first knife.  Accountability is a large part of the experience, as everyone is accountable to one another.  If someone sees something that is not right, they must engage and bring it to that person's attention with a gentle spirit.   

Raising a son into a man can be challenging and intimidating for fathers.  Man Camp seeks to equip fathers to lead their sons and for their sons to learn how to lead their future sons in the ways of manhood.  All of this is achieved through community and accountability.  


Biblical manhood is different than the culture's view of manhood.  

Biblical manhood calls us as men to live under the full accountability of God.  Our decisions are based on God's word, and our lives are to be in a deep relationship with God.  You have a clear path when you include accountability and relationship to the equation of being a man.  Helping fathers and sons follow this pattern is at the core of what Man Camp is all about.

Man Camp 2023

Dates: June 23-25, 2023


  • June 23  Check in 10:00 am -12:00 pm

    • ​First Rotation through stations 1:00-5:00 pm

  • ​​​​June 24 Full day of events

  • June 25 Departure by 12:00 pm


ManCamp is a weekend getaway for fathers and sons to camp and learn how to do fun outdoor things and more importantly to learn about God's design for manhood. The Bible has a clear and wonderful vision of what boyhood to manhood is to look like. This weekend will be full of biblical lessons and blessings for both fathers and sons. We will also learn from expert hunters and and expert outdoorsmen. We will learn to make a fire from nothing, how to use a knife, how to shoot a gun, how to shoot a compound bow, and how to wrestle a lion and bear! 

It's not about being macho in your camo, but about laying hold of God's design for manhood! 


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