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Better together

“George Gallup Jr concluded from his studies and polls that Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. Unfortunately, for many Americans, involvement in a community of healthy relationships with others is the exception, not the rule. George Gallup Jr. referring to American isolationism writes, ‘We are physically detached from each other. We change places of residence frequently. One survey revealed that seven in ten do not know their neighbors. As many as one-third of Americans admit to frequent periods of loneliness, a key factor in the high suicide rate among the elderly. Community is not a luxury, it is a necessity for life.”

In this series we will be exploring all the “one another” passages in the New Testament in an attempt to define biblical community and learn how to grow in it. We will be offering several options for people to step into a group to start experiencing the blessing of “doing life together.”

“The biggest challenge for the church at the opening of the twenty-first century is to develop a solution to the discontinuity and fragmentation of the American lifestyle.”

We all need to wrestle with the question: How are we committing to build biblical community with one another to pursue and experience GREATER THINGS as a church family?

How Faith Works to Build Community

1.20.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve talked about how Saving Faith, Sanctifying Faith, and Empowering Faith all work together to build healthy community and how we pursue them.

Sex & Church

1.13.2019 | steve woodrow

This week Steve talked about the importance of pursuing God’s design for sex through the power of the Gospel for the cleansing and healing of our fractured identities, marriages, and communities.

What is our Attitude toward Church?

1.6.2019 | Steve Woodrow

This week Steve talked about the importance of developing the right attitude toward church and how it is an intimate part of experiencing community.

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